Sunday Sermon: The First Sunday in Lent

Father Lee shares stories of continuity and change over the course of his twenty years of selfless service in the Saint Martin’s Church family.  He speaks of the blessings and joy that is the product of the steady and consistent support of members of the congregation in hundreds of ways large and small.   He talks of the journey he has been on individually with so many members and families,  where he has shared a generation of growth and change and the perspective that this journey brings.  What makes our congregation work is the collective faith of the people, evidenced in the weekly gatherings of the Eucharist, study, prayer and the special moments of sacraments we have all shared.  Although he would never say it, we all know that our church community has been blessed for these past twenty years by his steady and sure guidance, his true and loving friendship, his spiritual teaching and unswerving commitment.  Thank you, Father Lee!

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