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Altar Flower Delivery Ministry


Every Sunday (except during Advent and Lent) the flowers on the altar are delivered to the sick, the shut-ins, individuals who are hospitalized or those who are celebrating special occasions. After the 10:00 am. service, the Altar Guild removes the flowers from the silver bowls and places them in the florists’ green plastic flower holders. The volunteer, who is assigned for that Sunday, picks up the flowers to deliver to two individuals. It is up to the discretion of the volunteer to add a get well card which can be found on the table in the sacristy, a church bulletin, and/or a Daily Prayer Bulletin. The volunteer can then ask Father Lee or anyone else on the Flower Ministry Program for names of any parishioners who should receive the flowers that Sunday. There is also a list on the bulletin board in the parish hall of the parishioners who are to receive flowers. The volunteer can select the two that have not received flowers recently and then check off the names of those who will be receiving the flowers that Sunday.


The parishioners who receive the flowers enjoy a short visit. The Flower Ministry is an uplifting commitment which brings joy to both the volunteers and to the recipients. It is a fulfillment of the Christian message. We can always use more volunteers, so if you are interested in learning more about this ministry or would like to volunteer, please contact Jean Rollins. There are about seven teams at this time (volunteers can do it by themselves or with another person), so it averages to delivering the flowers every seven weeks.

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