Saint Martin's Episcopal Church

A Christian Church for all people Sharing God’s Love, Following Christ, Serving Others

About Saint Martin’s

Saint Martin's is an open and welcoming community of Christians engaged in spreading the good news of the Eucharist, through  fellowship and a strong commitment to community service.

Open and Welcoming

Saint Martin's is a warm and open community that welcomes parishioners, friends and visitors alike.  Much like our patron Saint, Saint Martin's Church seeks to share our good fortune and fellowship through our celebration of the faith, commitment to one another and service to the community.

Image of Saint Martin of Tours cutting his robe in half and giving it to a beggar. This is the principle by which our church lives.

The Saint Martin's Experience

  • Lively and Traditional Worship
  • Continuing Christian Education for Adults & Children
  • Christian Fellowship
  • Committed Community Service

Saint Martin's Vestry

Senior Warden:  Nancye Greenwood

Junior Warden:  Rick Gibbs

Treasurer:  Darrell Jenkins

Register:  Nan Scott


2017                               2018                                2019

Steve Alloway               Linda Fairtile                  Nancye Greenwood

Sean Cooper                Betty Horne                    George Crowell

Barbara Campeau       Sandra Goolsby             Rick Gibbs

 9000 St. Martin’s Lane | Richmond, Virginia 23294 | Phone: 804-270-6786 | Fax: 804-270-3286

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